This year, we have made a major improvement to the format of the Junior European Open 18+ to give you a better chance of qualifying for the Champions Week Finals in Spain. The 2023 Format is as follows:

1- Age Eligibility for BOYS & GIRLS is those born after 1/1/2002

2- The format will be individual strokeplay off scratch.

3-You can now play in any of the Qualifiers (Regional Finals) between 2nd April and 27th October 2023.

4-You can enter and play in as many events as you wish.

5- Your best (gross) score of the year, will go onto the JEO 18+ Leaderboard.

6- On 28th October 2023, the top 10 players on the Leaderboard plus two Wild-Card recipients will qualify for the Finals in Spain.

7-The JEO 18+ Championship is ‘by Invitation Only’. If your entry is not accepted, you will be sent a full refund.

8- You can enter online now. Please make sure you insert your Date of Birth. From your date of birth, we will know that you have entered the JEO 18+

2023 Final Leaderboard               Q= qualified for the Finals

+1    Nathan Harris

+2    Jake Warsap

+4    James Twibill

+4    Paul Ketterer

+4    Will Beynon

+6    Stanley Baker

+8    James Patterson

+10    Archie Smithson

+12    Oscar Patterson

+12    Jordan Ouano

The top 12 players win their places into the CWF in Spain in November 2023.

The Junior European Open 2023